The Lord of the Rings Audio Book

Almost everybody knows about The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This famous epic fantasy created by J. R. R. Tolkien was first published in the mid-1950s and has since been reprinted several times over and translated into many different languages. Its popularity was further boosted by the film adaptations by Peter Jackson. Jackson’s film trilogy successfully renewed public interest in the books and brought in a new wave of dedicated followers.  Actually, there was an earlier adaptation of the book into an animated movie although the popularity of the 1978 animated film by Ralph Bakshi was significantly less compared to Jackson’s productions.
Both the movies and the original novel continue to bask in popularity to this day. Then, there is the Lord of the Rings audio book that has steadily gained its own avid following. The many fans of The Lord of the Rings audio book may extol on its excellent production quality and other virtues but there are still many individuals who may not have heard of the availability of the audio book. Now this is missed opportunity for the many dyed-in-the-wool fans that would surely take pleasure in listening to the rendering of the novel. Once they get to learn of the Lord of the Rings audio book’s existence, they would certainly scramble to purchase the audio book and listen.
The Lord of the Rings Audio Book is Available in Different Versions

If you have decided to acquire your own copy of The Lord of the Rings audio book, know that there are more than one audio version of the book.  The most popular set is the one read by British actor, Rob Inglis. It is an unabridged version recorded on 46 CDs. You will be impressed with the performance of Inglis as he read the books word for word.  He distinguished the characters by using different voices for each.  He also sang all of the songs.  With the length of the material, be prepared to listen for a whole year.  Another popular version of The Lord of the Rings audio books is the one produced by BBC.  Expect this to be different from regular audio book narrations as would be the BBC version.
In Terms of Cost

As you search for your set of The Lord of the Rings audio book, be prepared to pay for 46 compact discs.  You may have to fork out more money if you want it brand new as the cost may very well exceed $100.  However, if you are more budget-conscious and concerned with listening to the audio book, you can check on the many online audio book outlets that offer great deals for used copies of the audio book. It is only a matter of searching the Internet.

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