Learn Goomba-Style Love by Listening to The Other Side of Love Audio Book

Many have an inherent fondness for love stories hoping to gather from them new ways to express their feelings to their beloved, to learn of a different approach to handle relationships, and perhaps to discover the ultimate lessons of love. There is no doubt about it.  A book on love is almost always enriching to oneself and provides warmth and encouragement to this human emotion. Now, there is this book called The Other Side of Love, goomba-style.

And if you are like some who find reading a boring activity, then there is a new mode by which you can enjoy the book of your choice without flipping a page.  You only need to listen to The Other Side of Love audio book and you can still go about doing other activities that do not require your full attention. And this is one great way for you to pick up the valuable lessons on life and loving from The Other Side of Love audio book.  There is one remarkable website where you could obtain great deals and realize savings should you decide to purchase The Other Side of Love audio book.

The Other Side of Love is a humorous essay writen by Steven R. Schirripa.  Yes, he's the same guy who played Bobby "Bacala" Baccilieri on HBO's The Sopranos.  This work is actually a follow-up to his earlier book, A Goomba's Guide to Life.  To those unfamiliar with the word, Goomba is a slang term used mostly in the New York area used to describe a typical Italian-American although the word can also refer to a senior member of a criminal gang, Mafia-style. The Other Side of Love audio book is narrated by the author himself as he shares more of life lessons from his own experiences in his old neighborhood in New York and in Las Vegas.

Through The Other Side of Love audio book, you will be able achieve a clearer understanding of the author's view of love in its various forms.  In the book, Schirripa discusses the sociological aspects of the love life of a typical Italian-American working class male. A goomba's love is said to be not confined to a male-female attraction.  Instead, it encompasses his love of his mother, which of course includes her cooking, his wife and children, his extended family, his friends, and his "goomar" on the side. Not to be left out is his passion for cars.

Get the best online deal for The Other Side of Love audio book from Audible.com. Visit their website for details on how you can get a copy.  There is nothing like exploring Schirripa's Goomba-world and learning from his sagacity.  You may be surprised at how you can expand your very own circle of love, the goomba-way.

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