May 25, 2009

Why Maintain an Audio Books Library

Despite the growing popularity of audio books, not everybody is convinced that it is indeed a form of "reading" and a pleasant and convenient way to consume literature.  There still remain purists who maintain that the only way to read is by the written word.  As a result, many new converts to the audio book format choose not to build up their own audio books library in fear of ridicule and condescension from traditional book lovers. Critics of audio books regard listening to them as an inferior activity compared to actually sitting down with a volume and actually reading it. Despite all these debates about the virtue of reading using one’s eyes or one’s ears, the fact remains that audio books are winning over more and more bookworms who find themselves preoccupied with a thousand and one other things to do.

Sadly, there seems to be a misconception about audio books.  Specifically, many think that those who prefer this format do so because they are lazy and do not want to read. Silly as it is, it has been disproved by sales statistics of audio books which continue to soar through the years. Readers are migrating to audio books for a number of reasons none of which seem to evidence any lack of interest in reading activity. People continue to flock to bookstores purchasing titles they want, in print and/or in audio so they can easily build up their own old-fashioned library or an audio books library.


Many readers are collectors as well.  This means that they buy both the printed copy of a book as well as its audio book version.  This holds true especially for close followers of famous authors.  They (the fans) would definitely want to have their own copies of everything the author churns out. They are proud of their collections and want them as complete as possible.

Convenience and Portability

For people who are always mobile, whether as passengers or driving themselves around, or those who have to walk some distance to get somewhere, the safest way to catch up on one’s reading while on the move is by listening to an audio book.  How convenient it is to be able to choose a CD from your very own audio books library.

Business Opportunities

It is interesting to know that many audio book rental services began from someone’s personal audio books library. Indeed, one needs a massive inventory of titles before venturing into this type business.  But think of it this way — as you build your own audio books library, you get to accumulate volumes of titles that can start you off sometime in the future.

Ultimately, the primary reason one favors an audio books is that he enjoys listening to it and finds it useful and very entertaining.  There is no better reason for one to do so and over time, he gets to acquire as many titles as he wishes that he gets to build his very own audio books library.

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