November 30, 2008

Tips on How to Be an Audio Book Publisher

If you are really interested in how to be an audio book publisher, you need to learn as much as you can about this line of business that you want to venture into.  Audio book publishing is a well-established industry.  Audio books have been around since the early 1930s since the American Foundation for the Blind introduced its own Talking Books project.  Since then, the group has been releasing audio books for the consumption of both the visually impaired and the non-blind.

You can learn much on how to be an audio book publisher if you seek the advice of those who have long been in the business.  You need to pick helpful hints and study in great detail the ins and outs of publishing, both on the creative and technical sides of production. Explore the best means for an effective narration and take advantage of the latest technology for the recording. Then, take stock of your marketing ability, develop your sales pitch, organize your distribution system and set up a website so you can sell online.

The heart of audio book publishing lies on hiring the right people to do the job.  It pays to recruit from those who have worked in audio book publishing before so you can benefit from their experience.  However, make sure that they have the right mindset and dedication to the production of quality audio book products.  After all, your objective should be to come up with a superior quality of recorded books and other literature as this is a necessity for survival in the highly competitive world of audio book publishing.

You must have digital recording studios fully equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation if you want the best quality of recorded sound. Not to be forgotten is your choice of talent.  Hire artists who can effectively read, lend distinctive personalities to the different characters, and render life to the whole book.  Perhaps it would be best to seek the services of professionals, particularly those in broadcasting and theaters.

Last but not the least item you have to focus on in learning how to be an audio book publisher is the identification of the right topics and titles to produce as the audio books.  You should be able to determine which are timely, which have the greater demand, or which are being sought by your potential customers. When you learning how to be an audio book publisher, you will find the many opportunities open for you in the industry.  The audio books industry is not yet saturated. In fact, it continues to grow at a much faster pace than can be imagined. Industry experts place total audio book sales to be more than 800 million dollars.

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