July 21, 2008

Tips for Buying a Science Fiction Audio Book

Adults and children alike like reading science fiction. It is a genre that many find interesting and could hardly get enough of. The number of these sci-fi devotees is increasing by the day the demand for superior science fiction audio books is also on the rise.  The publishers are quick to respond to the opportunity by progressively releasing more science fiction audio books.  Yet, they try to stay smart by providing a variety in the style, thematic approach and language used.

Science fiction per se may be a little difficult to comprehend to some because it is loaded with concepts, scientific and technical terms and much information.  Therefore, you have to be more careful in picking a science fiction audio book so you do not waste good money on something that you may subsequently find uninteresting.  Now here’s a tip in choosing — try to navigate your way to the middle of the audio book and check if it is something that you can understand and appreciate. If it is a sounding yes, go get it, otherwise try another title.

What many call science fiction is actually a Fantasy and Science-Fiction classification.  Thus, many of these books are stories about monsters and the like. If you are intending to get an F&SF book for a child, you may want to assess the appropriateness of its content and make sure that it appeals to the kid’s taste. Be on the look out too for science fiction audio books that contain too much violence or aliens and monsters and other unfamiliar beings.  You may also want to think ahead of the kid’s probable reaction to the tragic death of any of the characters. Exercise good judgment in choosing a book suitable to the age level so you can be sure that the listener can truly benefit from it.

In case you are not sure about the appropriateness of a certain science fiction audio book, you may ask for the librarian’s recommendation.  You may also ask for suggestions about other titles that have more fantasy and or are more interesting. Do check out too the science fiction audio books of award winning authors Newberry and Moyra Caldecott as you can be confident about their suitability for children.
The most practical source of your science fiction audio books should be the Internet.  Here you can find science fiction audio books that have excellent audio production values and story lines along the classic science-fiction line that are literary and have better characterization. Or if you wish, you may visit the many audio book stores and audio book clubs.

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October 20, 2008


Nice article. Thanks. :) Eugene